Cashback Bonus

100% match bonus based on first deposit of £/$/€20+. Additional bonuses.

T&Cs Apply

New players only. Welcome Bonus - 100% bonus on your first deposit up to €/$/£200 Unless otherwise stated. This bonus only applies for deposits of €/$/£10 or higher! All you need to do is just deposit the money in your account and you will receive this bonus instantly!

*New users only

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Valid Until: Dec 31, 2025

100% match bonus based on first deposit of £/$/€20+. Additional bonuses.

T&Cs Apply

New players only. Welcome Bonus - 100% bonus on your first deposit up to €/$/£200 Unless otherwise stated. This bonus only applies for deposits of €/$/£10 or higher! All you need to do is just deposit the money in your account and you will receive this bonus instantly!

*New users only

What is a Cashback Bonus?

A cashback bonus allows you to reclaim a portion of your losses from a specific game or set of games over a defined period. Essentially, casinos use cashback bonuses to encourage members to play more and reward their loyalty.

These bonuses can be ongoing or time-limited offers but operate similarly in both cases. For instance, if you activate a welcome bonus with a 20% cashback, once you fulfill the wagering requirements, the casino refunds 20% of your net losses back to your account, enabling you to continue playing without requiring a fresh deposit.

Varieties of Cashback Bonuses:

Cashback bonuses vary in types and structures. Here’s a breakdown of the different cashback offers commonly found at online casinos:

1. Cashback on All Losses:

This type refunds a percentage of your net losses, irrespective of the games played. Although less common, some casinos offer cashback bonuses on all losses.

2. Cashback on Losing Bets or Spins:

With this type, the casino calculates your lost bets or spins during the cashback period and reimburses a percentage of that amount.

3. Cashback on Deposits:

Unlike others, this type refunds a percentage of your initial deposited amount, regardless of net losses incurred.

4. Daily Cashback Bonus:

A prevalent offer where your net losses for the day are reimbursed, giving you time to utilize them without loss.

5. Weekly Cashback Bonus:

Covers a seven-day period, with the casino reimbursing a portion of your losses at the end of the week, provided you meet the requirements.

6. Monthly Cashback Bonus:

Covers an entire month, with predetermined percentages of net losses refunded at the month’s end, potentially resulting in significant profits for regular players.

7. VIP Cashback:

VIP programs often offer enhanced cashback incentives to loyal players. As players ascend VIP tiers, they can qualify for higher cashback percentages, sometimes up to 50%.

Striving towards higher VIP tiers can lead to increased cashback rewards, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

8. Wager-Free Cashback Bonus

The wager-free cashback bonus enables you to reclaim a portion of your losses without the necessity to fulfill any playthrough conditions. Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it?

Indeed it is, but bear in mind that while this bonus type lacks wagering requirements, the casino may likely set a loss threshold, requiring you to wager and lose a specific amount before you qualify for a reimbursement of a percentage of those losses.

How to Get the Best Cashback Bonus?

Identifying a stellar cashback offer is pivotal whether you aim to maximize your earnings or minimize your losses. Here are key factors to weigh:

1. Cashback Percentage: Generally, the higher the better. Casinos often offer up to 25% cashback, with VIP members enjoying rates as high as 50%.

2. Bonus Amount: Look for substantial figures, but be cautious; higher bonuses may require more gameplay, potentially increasing your risk.

3. Wagering Requirements: Opt for offers with minimal requirements, sometimes as low as 1x the bonus amount.

4. Promotion Duration: Cashback bonuses often operate on cycles, ranging from daily to monthly. Monthly offers necessitate waiting until the end of the month for reimbursement.

Cashback Bonus Terms and Conditions:

Cashback bonuses, like other bonuses, come with detailed Terms and Conditions, covering bonus specifics, wagering requirements, promotional validity, and more. While reviewing may seem tedious, it can prevent future complications.

No Wagering Requirements:

While a wager-free cashback bonus eliminates wagering requirements, other conditions such as loss limits may apply, requiring you to reach a predetermined loss amount before bonus activation.

How to Claim a Cashback Bonus:

Claiming a bonus is typically straightforward:

  1. Redeem the bonus by clicking on it.
  2. Review and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Confirm eligible games, as cashback bonuses often apply to specific game types.
  4. Enjoy the bonus and start accumulating refunds through gameplay.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Cashback Bonuses

Just like any other casino incentive, cashback bonuses come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a breakdown:


1. Rewards loyal players
2. Low or no wagering requirements
3. Reduces losses
4. Allows for more gameplay
5. Enables fast withdrawal of real cash


1. Requires losses before receiving benefits
2. Cannot be applied to losses incurred from other promotions or during pending withdrawals
3. Involves maximum withdrawal limits or minimum wagering/loss requirements
4. Not offered by all casinos

Are Cashback Bonuses Legal?

Yes, cashback bonuses are legal as long as you’re playing at a reputable, licensed online casino. However, it’s important to verify whether your country is among those permitted by a particular casino and whether bonuses are allowed in your jurisdiction at all.

For example, certain regions prohibit players from taking advantage of casino promotions. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay informed about local regulations before activating a bonus and carefully review the terms and conditions of both the bonus and the casino.

Maximizing Your Cashback Returns

Online casinos typically view cashback bonuses as part of a loyalty program, where increased play leads to larger refunds. As you progress through a VIP program, you’ll unlock more substantial cashback offers, maximizing your returns while mitigating losses.

Additionally, casinos may offer tailored bonuses with more lenient wagering requirements as a gesture of appreciation for your loyalty, providing you with greater flexibility in your gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I earn real money with cashback?

Whenever you receive a portion of your losses back through cashback, that money becomes yours to use at the casino or withdraw. It’s worth noting that many casinos may require you to wager the cashback amount before allowing withdrawals.

2. Do casinos provide cashback?

Yes, nearly every online casino offers a cashback bonus. Some casinos even offer multiple types of cashback deals tailored to different types of casino activities, such as sports betting, slots, or live casino games.

3. What exactly is cashback in a casino?

Cashback bonuses are incentives that refund a percentage of the money spent or lost by the player. While the exact percentages vary between casinos, they are always clearly outlined in the bonus terms and conditions.

4. How does a cashback bonus differ from a welcome bonus?

The primary distinction lies in their target audience and structure. Welcome bonuses are designed for newly registered players and often come in the form of a match deposit bonus. Conversely, cashback bonuses are primarily aimed at existing customers, though they may also be included in welcome bonus packages.

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